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Story of Cultures in London

  1. Roman London (AD 47), followed by Anglo Saxons ,Vikings and Normans
  1. 1100s Merchants from Netherlands settle
  2. 1600s Dutch and French Protestants (Hugenots) flee from pressure
  3. 1700s Refugees due to French revolution (1789) arrive, First Chinese sailors in London
  4. 1800s Jewish fleeing from Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.Irish settlers escaping poverty during the famine in Ireland.
  5. More than 250,000 Belgian refugees fled to the UK, escaping the fighting of the First World War.
  6. 1930s/40s - Refugees from Nazi oppression arrive in the UK, Polish people homeless because of the War, invited to come to UK
  7. Windrush brings 492 Jamaicans to the UK – a milestone/ symbolic start- Immigration from Commonwealth encouraged to help rebuild post-war Britain
  8. 1950s and 60s - Settlers from Commonwealth nations arrive – India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
  9. 1970s - East African, Asians and Vietnamese arrive, Asians expelled from Kenya and Uganda
  10. 1980s - African community expands Refugees arrive from Eastern Europe – Romania and former Yugoslavia