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The Brand

WESTMARK LONDON BOX & LABEL, BRAND IDENTITYWESTMARK is a London based contemporary clothing brand inspired by the multicultural lifestyle on streets of London.


 WESTMARK introduces a novel approach to traditional streetwear through a minimalist aesthetic focused on simplicity to let the wearer focus on their busy lives. As the worlds’ melting pot, London fuses hundreds of different cultures and ethnic groups. This fusion and the harmony inspired WESTMARK’s brand of duality to bridge culture, ethnicity, busy life and the quiet life. WESTMARK blends the casualness of streetwear with contemporary forms and pure refined quality. This blend allows the wearer to shift seamlessly from the busy workplace to a warm night out. WESTMARK’s philosophy cherishes cultural diversity, different ideas, forms, and colours.

  At the heart of the WESTMARK London’s ethos lies its promise of impeccable quality and luxury through sourcing of the finest quality natural fabric, unparalleled craftsmanship, and perfect comfort and exclusivity. Our garments are handled with great care through the production journey with great attention to every single detail, which is the key to our success.